What is Lifestyle Photography & Why I love It

You may be wondering what is “lifestyle photography” exactly. I am sure each lifestyle photographer has their own take on it, but to me, lifestyle photography is all about capturing real connections while still providing professional direction. Lifestyle photography is not overly posed, stiff portraits and it is also not documentative as I do not stand back on the sidelines and just “let the moment happen” without some direction.

During a lifestyle session with Cara Olson Photography, you can expect to receive guidance on where to stand, where to place hands, where to look, etc.. I strive to take the guesswork away from you during your session so that you are comfortable. You can relax knowing that I am there to help you and your family look your absolute best. I encourage interactions that will help to achieve photos with beautiful, real connections of your family. Lifestyle photography is all about capturing the connections that each unique family has.

This is my approach to my personal photography as well. It is very rare that I ask my children to pose for a photo. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good portrait, but those are rarely my favorite photos. I would rather have photos of my two boys interacting with each other, or of them curled up with their favorite stuffed animals. I want photos that remind me of what they were like at this age and to help me to remember what it felt like to hold them in my arms.

{my sweet guys}

I want to capture these same moments for you. In ten years, I want you to look back on these photos and remember what it felt like to hold your newborn, or what it felt like to be embraced by your partner. I want you to remember that silly smile your child had when they were 10, or to remember the belly laugh of your three year old. Your family’s memories are invaluable.

Time goes so fast; we all know this. And that is exactly why I feel so strongly about lifestyle photography. I am all for living in the moment, but those moments deserve to be remembered for a lifetime.

Let me help you preserve your memories!