| MY WHY |


I've enjoyed the art of picture taking since a really young age. My niece was my first muse. I was about ten years old (there is only a six year age different between the two of us). I remember having her pose by my mother's flower garden or have her pointing to the sky. I remember both the excitement and the eagerness of waiting for the film to be developed and hoping that the photo looked just like I had pictured in my head. Taking pictures just made me feel good - it made me feel like I had a magic power to freeze a moment in time - and to create the opportunity to treasure that for a lifetime.

I got my first dslr camera when my first son was born. I photographed every moment I could. I always shot in auto and truly didn't even know what manual mode was capable of on the camera. I was just happy to be freezing moments that I could cherish for a lifetime.

Fast forward a few years. My second son, Cooper, was born in June 2015 and by September of that year, I was ready to leave my job and stay home. I never thought I would have the urge to be a stay at home mom, but I knew it was right for our family. I truly enjoyed it. I loved being home with my boys and spending as much time as possible with them, but I was feeling a little lost. I needed to be something other than "just a mom". I took an amazing online course geared towards parents that wanted to take better photos of their children. I learned how to work my camera in manual mode and how to properly compose an image. I learned about depth of field and exposure (and so much more). Most importantly, it helped me remember the passion I had always had for photography all this time!

I realized that my passion for photography did not stop with just my own family. I wanted to create beautiful photos for others. I wanted to freeze their precious moments in time so that they could cherish them for a lifetime as well. After taking multiple online courses and building a portfolio off of a handful of free sessions, I decided it was time to launch my business. My LLC was established in 2017 and to this date, I have shot over 70 sessions.

I can still feel the excitement of my ten year old self when I had that camera in my hand, but I could have never imaged it would have turned into this. I am truly honored by all of my amazing clients and their trust in me to document these precious times in their lives. My only hope is that I provide you with photos that you can cherish for a lifetime