Leo's Half Birthday

Photography brings me both energy and calmness. It brings a balance to my life that I didn't know I needed.

⁣In our home, we are gearing up for fall learning (like so many others). We have made the decision to keep our second grader and young fiver home until we know more. This has stirred up a whole lot of anxiety inside me. Last week, I was getting ready to inform my clients that I would be taking a limited amount of sessions this fall. I truly felt like I just couldn't do it all.

⁣Then Leo's 6 month session happened. My feelings changed from "I just can't do it" to "I just have to do it." I have to keep the fire under my passion lit and burning. I am sure I will have days of feeling overwhelmed, but that's okay because photographing my amazing clients brings me a perfect balance of energy and calm. ⁣

{And in all seriousness, how could I say no to photographing adorable babies like Leo?!}

I am looking forward to all of the amazing sessions that this fall will bring.

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