Updated: Jan 28, 2019

The best time for newborn photos.

I do ask that you contact me before baby arrives (beginning of third trimester or so). During this initial contact, we can discuss session details. Once baby arrives, you can either email me or call and we can set up an exact date and time.

I am a natural light photographer, so I do prefer to schedule sessions for mornings or afternoons to ensure that we will have plenty of natural light.

Since I shoot lifestyle newborn sessions, anytime in the first month of baby’s life is a great time to take newborn photos (depending on how baby and family are doing). During the first two weeks, newborns typically stay in deep sleep for most the day. This is a great time to get all those sweet, cuddly shots with a curled-up baby. Just keep in mind that your baby’s eyes will likely be closed in most of the photos. By 3-4 weeks, newborns are slightly more mobile and keep their eyes open for longer periods of time.


I recommend clothing with soft, light, neutral tones. I suggest that it is clothing that you usually wear (casual and comfy) on a daily basis. We will likely snuggle up on a bed or couch for those family shots, so comfort is important. Complimentary (but not matching) outfits for the family will help create a beautiful photo. Make sure to have a few different outfits ready for baby, including a plain white onesie (or two). Babies tend to need multiple outfit changes a day. I do not bring any props with me, but am happy to incorporate any special items you may have.

Preparing your home & newborn for the session.

Do not worry about cleaning your entire home! This is not necessary We will likely use only a few rooms. The rooms I typically shoot in are: the nursery, the master bedroom (be sure to make the bed) and the family/living room. When I arrive, I will find the best lighting and we can then determine which rooms will work best.

To make sure baby is comfortable, try to keep your home warm. Please feed your baby on his/her schedule. It is no problem at all if baby needs to eat in the middle of the session. We will have plenty of time for feeding breaks.


I want this to be an enjoyable experience for the whole family. I will offer guidance throughout the entire session to make sure everyone is feeling comfortable.

I hope this information is helpful. Please feel free to contact me with any other questions you may have as you prepare for your in-home newborn session!