About six months ago (in much warmer weather) I met Mr. Carter for the first time. He was a sweet as could be and had two big sisters that were absolutely smitten over him. I am happy to report that not much has changed. At six months he is as adorable as ever and his big sisters seem to be quite the helpers. ❤️

Carter is all boy and reminds me of when my two guys were that little - always wiggling and ready to be on the move! He has such a sweet demeanor and has the best facial expressions!

I have known this family for quite some time (just about 10 years). Laura created all the beautiful decor pieces and floral arrangements for my wedding and now has a highly rated design company {Truer Design}. Her eye for design is incredible and it makes shooting in their home so fun. The bright, bold colors and fun patterns are the perfect backdrop to help tell their family story.

It's a true pleasure being invited into a client's home and capturing some details of their everyday life.