5 Tips For Taking Better Photos With Your Phone

Have you heard the saying, "the best camera is the one you have with you?" Well, it's true! I often leave my "real" camera behind for family outings - especially to places like the beach, parks, or really anywhere I don't want to haul around a big, heavy camera.

I use my phone (the Pixel 3) for the majority of my personal family photography - it's a breeze to snap a quick picture and then edit right in phone with my favorite apps.

Read below for a few quick tips on how to make the best of your phone photography!

#1 Use Natural Light {when possible}

Natural light is a key element to taking beautiful photos. This can be tricky when you are inside though. Open up those curtains and let the light shine in! When outside, in bright sun, avoid having the sun directly in front or behind your subject. This can cause squinty faces and blown out (super bright) backgrounds. Side lighting is usually the most flattering in bright sun. You are pretty safe to take photos anywhere when the skies are overcast or cloudy.

{pro tip} When inside, take a photo with your subject either facing the window or at an angle. Having a window directly behind your subject will result in loss of detail in the photo.

#2 Make Sure Your Phone Lens is Clean

A dirty lens is a likely culprit of blurry photos. Our phones live in purses, pockets and greasy hands - all recipes for a dirty lens. There is no need for a fancy lens wipe or cloth. Just wipe it on a clean shirt, towel, etc.

#3 Avoid Using the Zoom Feature

Using the zoom feature on your phone tends to create grainy, blurry photos. When possible, try to move closer to your subject. If this is not an option, you can always crop the photo afterwards.

# 4 Use Both Portrait and Landscape Modes

Photos can look vastly different just from the way they are taken. Try taking photos in both portrait (upright) and landscape (sideways) to have a variety of different looks from just one location.

#5 Edit Your Photos!

Not super happy with how your photo turned out? Editing your photos can create such a big difference. It is a great way to take a decent photo to an amazing photo in just a few clicks! My favorite mobile editing apps are the Lightroom Mobile App and Snapseed. Try brightening your photo, adding contrast or even some saturation. The possibilities are endless.

{Edited with Lightroom Mobile App}

{Edited with Snapseed}

I hope you learned a few new tips and tricks for creating better photos with your phone!