3 Easy Tips to Take the Stress Out of Family Photos

Does your upcoming family photography session have you feeling a little stressed? Fear not! With just a little prep work you will be ready to take this session head on! Read below for three easy ways to take the stress out of your family photos.

Prepare: You can avoid the majority of problems with just a little prep work. Is your session booked during nap time or dinnertime? You may need to adjust nap schedules and meals to accommodate for the session time. Bringing snacks (that won’t stain fingers or clothes) is always a great option as well. Unhappy children can definitely stress us parents out. Planning ahead is an easy way to ensure a stress free family session.

Let kids be kids (and husbands be husbands). Capturing authentic personalities is so important to me as a photographer. Candid photos of happy, energetic children are usually preferred over stiff portraits of grumpy ones. Let your children be themselves. As your photographer, I promise that I will let you know if any “parenting” needs to take place.

Relax. All you need to do is show up and let me take responsibility and control over your session. You do not need to be in charge of a single thing! Take a deep breath and allow yourself to have fun and enjoy your session. Squeeze your family a little harder and stress a little less. Your session should be enjoyable and fun!